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LON2 Migration

May 05 at 08:00am BST  –  May 05 at 02:30pm BST
Affected services
London, United Kingdom
Nameservers (DNS)
Metal Provisioning

May 05 at 01:28pm BST

All hardware has been re-racked and should be seeing network connectivity now. We are working on moving over final few prefixes and getting BGP daemons back online.

May 05 at 09:40am BST

Hardware affected by this move has been de-racked and is being currently being moved between facilities.

May 05 at 08:00am BST

On May 5th we will be bringing online our new LON2 pop. Some dedicated servers and our cloud hypervisor cluster have been scheduled to move to this new facility.

We expect this to take place on 5th May 2024 starting from 8am BST.

Clients that will be affected by this move will be notified by Monday 8th April.

More details to follow (This date/time is preliminary and subject to change).

Update - 08/04/2024 17:00:00 BST
An email has been sent out to users that will need an IP renumbering prior to the move in order to minimize the disruption window on the day.
Please check your inbox regarding instructions on what needs to be done. Please reach out in a ticket or to if you have any questions or need assistance with this.

Update - 25/04/2024 10:00:00 BST
Yesterday emails were sent out to all clients in the LON3 pop giving final details and an updated timeline for the maintenance window. We will start the maintenance window from 08:00:00 BST on May 5th with us expecting to start physical disconnections and equipment move around 08:20:00 BST.
We are hoping to have internal services restored and back within a 90 minute window however the maintenance period is set until 14:30:00 BST to account for any unforeseen issues.
In the event the maintenance window overruns, we will supply detailed updates where possible via this maintenance page.
Once the maintenance is completed on our end we will mark this as resolved and send out an email to clients notifying of this. If you are still having issues after this email has been received please ensure to open a ticket via our portal for support or reach out to your account representative.